is the exclusive importer in Romania and Hungary of MODULA automated vertical storage systems, that has been operating on the market since 2006, having vast experience in the sale, installation and maintenance of these systems.


Modula automated vertical storage solutions

Modula Lift

Modula Lift is an automatic vertical warehouse ideal for storing industrial products. With over 15,000 separate installations worldwide, it is the flagship product of the Modula family, partly for its multiple configuration options.

Modula Slim

Modula Slim is a highly compact, smart intelligent warehouse, for clients looking for a vertical storage solution that is simple, economical, quick to implement and always flexible in terms of configurations.

Modula Onepick

Modula OnePick is a fully automatic vertical warehouse, with a special picking bay equipped with a Cartesian robot that uses clamps to pick products automatically and transfer them to the bay.

Options for vertical and horizontal automatic warehouse

Picking solutions for order preparation

Put To Light

High productivity picking with the Put to Light system

Imagine having a colored light that guides your picking operations, making the preparation of multiple orders easy and intuitive and significantly reducing all errors due to the repetitiveness of the preparation work.

This is why Put to Light solutions are the best choice for order preparation when a fast, intuitive, scalable and error-free process is required.

Special displays have been created that visually guide the operator to the positions where the items must be placed for each order.

A luminous display is associated with each position or container that is assigned to an order, so every time that position lights up it means that exactly that order is being worked on, whether it is to be managed in boxes, containers, boxes or workstations.

Picking Station

The management of complex orders passes through the precision of the picking

Help operators carry out their duties, using visual aid systems to improve performance, reduce errors and speed up the logistics chain.

This is why the picking station can be useful, in the case of preparing multiple orders with different recipients or in the management of numerous orders, perhaps consisting of a few pieces or units.

Working with the Modula Picking Station, based on the “goods to man” principle, makes the product picking process (especially those with low turnover) much faster and more efficient because depending on the item being picked, the colored light in the station location to which to refer and where the employee must deposit the order taken from the Modula.

Picking Cart

Starting from the Put to Light concept, i.e. visual aids to guide the operator in order preparation, it is possible to adopt a Picking Cart which adds dynamism to the advantage of ease of operations.

In fact, as the word itself says, the Picking Cart is equipped with wheels and can be moved to different plants or to different parts of the warehouse, for example to prepare orders that come from different departments.

Mobile Picking APP

The user interface for picking in complete mobility

The new APP for Android devices is designed to operate in complete mobility on all manual warehouses managed through the Modula WMS software.

A simple and intuitive user interface allows you to carry out material picking and deposit operations with just a few clicks directly from your smartphone, thus easily managing the entire warehouse.

The smartphone replaces the Copilot and therefore allows direct management of the warehouse, in a more agile way.

If necessary, it is also possible to use the barcode reader or the camera supplied with your device, in order to connect them to the operations of the Modula warehouse.

The application can be installed on any Android device from version 8 to 11.

Robotic integrations

Autonomous mobile robots

They are devices capable of moving freely as they are equipped with advanced sensors, artificial intelligence software and digital mapping of the warehouse.

Robot interface

It is a kit, installed on the electrical panel of the Modula warehouse or connected to the Modula WMS Premium software which allows the connection with the anthropomorphic robot.


Recover floor space

Optimising floor space is one of the greatest advantages of Modula automatic warehouses.

Time saving

Choosing a storage solution with a Modula automated warehouse will save you an enormous amount of time.

Goods security

Modula vertical tray warehouses are designed not only to reduce overall space, but also to store and secure your goods in the warehouse.

Operator safety and ergonomics

The structure of Modula automated warehouses has been designed with people’s safety in mind.

Operator safety and ergonomics

Custom configurations are available depending on your requirements.

Error reduction and stock management

Modula automated warehouses provide more efficient stock management and a significant reduction in errors.

Maximum Tray Payload

Each Modula Lift vertical warehouse can guarantee its maximum payload.

Dedicated Software

Modula designs and produces Modula WMS, a vertical warehouse management software solution.

Easy to use

Ease of use is one of the benefits provided by the warehouse management software built into a Modula automatic warehouse.


Customer Service

Remote Support

TELOG never stops. We are aware of the importance of the operational continuity of our machines; we are therefore committed to providing remote support, for an improved understanding of any issues you may have and to resolve them together.

On Site Assistance

Taking action to get your Modula automatic warehouses going again is essential to remain efficient and competitive. Unplanned errors or downtime can affect productivity and results, and can cost you dear in terms of results.

Traning Courses

Trained staff with many years of experience are vital to train your people and give them autonomy when carrying out all their tasks.

Preventive Maintance

We prefer to always keep your warehouse under control, to prevent a late intervention from compromising your productivity. To guarantee your Modula automatic warehouses always function correctly, we offer you periodic maintenance contracts appropriate to your usage times and/or the number of tray cycles completed.

Modification's and Relocation

First and foremost, Modula equates to modularity. The set-up of an automatic warehouse can be modified, so we’d like to invite you to make your Modern even more powerful and up-to-date, to keep in step with the times and improve your productivity.

Software Consulting and Upgrades

When it comes to software, our experience can be of vital assistance, most of all given that everything changes and does so quickly. If you need advice for your Modula warehouses or for the flow of your supply chain, we have developed a dedicated consulting service.

Special solutions

Modula Climate Control

Need to store your products automatically, with constant temperature control? Required to comply with safety regulations when storing your products?

Modula Climate Control is a temperature-controlled warehouse designed to store materials that are sensitive to variations in temperature and humidity.


Modula Clean Room

Do you work with clean rooms? Need optimum control of the particles that enter your warehouse, to protect your products?

Modula Clean Room is the storage system that can operate inside clean rooms, designed to minimise the introduction, generation and maintenance of specific particles.

If your company operates in the field of semiconductors, products or equipment for hospitals, or in the chemical, electronics or pharmaceutical worlds, you will definitely be required to comply with quality standards for storage systems.

Modula Fire Fighting

There are various ways to extinguish a fire, but they all affect the four factors in the “tetrahedron of fire”, the combination of which results in the chemical reaction that causes any fire.

As a result, there are four ways to put out a fire:

Fuel reduction or isolation
Oxygen reduction or isolation
Heat reduction
Blocking the chain reaction of the factors above

Modula Anti-seismic

Modula’s approach to the problem was to combine anti-seismic solutions with seismic isolation.

The former involves reinforcing the warehouse structure, while the latter isolates it from the energy produced by seismic acceleration.
Modula decided not to make the structures too rigid, as this would make the warehouse too heavy, but to concentrate instead on analysis of the seismic movement and of the effects on its acceleration, especially the horizontal component of peak ground acceleration (PGA).



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